Business Succession, Sales & Mergers

Wells Small Fleharty & Weil is a law firm for business owners who want to exit plan, sell or transfer their business, reorganize or buy a business …

Our business lawyers have assisted business owners with acquisitions, exit planning and business sales over many industries, representing both buyers and sellers.

We have experience with complex mergers, stock sales, asset sales, recapitalizations, buy-outs by managerial employees, third party sales, divestitures, inter-generation transfers. We regularly represent buyers and sellers, key management or existing owners. We understand both the personal issues, as well as the complex tax and regulatory issues that surround these transactions.

Business Sales

Our business lawyers have represented many business owners looking to sell all or part of their business and we understand the process and pitfalls associated with a business owner considering an offer to sell.

Our law firm can assist with the review or preparation of a letter of intent, the preparation or review of sale agreements, help evaluate the adverse tax or regulatory consequences of a proposed sale, suggest alternatives and find solutions, assist in determining the allocation of the purchase price, help a business owner navigate the due diligence process and provide numerous other services for the benefit of a business seller.

We also advise on the consequences of asset or stock sales.

Business Acquisitions

Our law firm regularly represents individuals and companies looking to potentially acquire businesses.

We assist the acquring party with structuring the transaction, help with preliminary negotiations and discussions, suggest alternatives, help navigate the due diligence process, provide formal agreement review and preparation, advise on aspects such as conditions to closing, covenants not to compete, pre-closing, closing and other issues particularly related to the party acquiring the company. We also assist in tax planning, purchase price allocation and liability assessment and minimization, among many other services.

Exit/Succession Planning

A natural part of the life cycle of a business is planning for the departure of business owners. Our law firm regularly assists business owners considering the tax, regulatory and legal ramifications associated with business succession or exit planning. We have regularly represented many businesses, both large and small navigate the exit planning process.


Our law firm is frequently engaged to assess or process mergers, corporate combinations, inter-species mergers, inter-species conversions, state of formation conversions, divisive D Reorganizations, and other tax-free combinations and mergers. We represent clients of all industries, types and sizes in every aspect of mergers, reorganizations, recapitalizations, sales, transfers, spinoffs and divestitures. These transactions often require sophisticated tax planning, which we can provide.